In September 2015 We asked families to fill in a questionnaire

about our Pre-school...


100% of the families were happy with the service they received overall.

100% of families strongly agree with the following statements:

·         My child is happy and enjoys the activities at pre-school

·         I am happy with the quality of care my child receives

·         I feel comfortable approaching staff to talk about my child’s needs

92% strongly agree and 8 % agree with the following statements:

·         There is a wide range of activities available to meet children’s needs

·         I am treated like a partner in my child’s education

85 % strongly agree and 15% agree with the following statements

·         My child is supported to fully meet their potential

·         The staff deal with any concerns I may have appropriately

·         Staff make an effort to explain what happens in the pre-school

77% strongly agree and 23% agree with the following statement

·         I receive regular communication from pre-school about events.

Parents/ carers further commented that staff were welcoming, approachable and friendly, being helpful and available to give advice when needed. They liked the caring and nurturing environment at Pre-school and especially enjoyed seeing their child’s learning documented in their personal Learning Journeys.

Children commented that they like playing with a huge range of activities at Pre-school including small world play, mark making (painting and drawing) role play and dressing up, the mud kitchen, building blocks, play dough, water play and cooking. They also enjoy playing in the playground on the bikes, cars and scooters, outings in the local area to the allotments and church as well as playing with their friends and the staff.

Children made requests for the following to enhance their experiences at pre-school: more computer equipment, a dinosaur carpet, to go on more trips, a climbing frame and some new toys. We’ll see what we can do!!

Out of 44 families using our Pre-school facilities we had completed questionnaires from 13 families. Children have attended the setting from between 6 to 24 months

Many thanks to all who were able to complete a questionnaire so we can look to make improvements in our service and provision in the future.